Career Counseling



Career Counseling

The Career Center allows you to be prepared for the most important stages of your job hunting. Yes, we are talking of the interviews.

A job interview can be an exhausting and nerve wrecking experience for many, the employers can come up with testing questions that can become even more difficult to answer satisfactorily if you are nervous. Knowing that every single move is being monitored and judged is enough to make anyone nervous. The career counselors at Central Field University help you prepare for the interviews, let you know about the possible discussions that are bound to happen in an interview and help you practice through mock interviews.

Here are some of the important preparation tips to follow before an interview:

Pre-Interview Preparation

    Following is a list of pre-interview tips that will help you shine in your interview.
  • Go through the job specification and the job description thoroughly.
  • Learn about the organization and the department through the website.
  • Be prepared in advance to discuss the skills, experiences and competencies mentioned on your resume
  • Make sure that your references are credible people who are well aware about your abilities, skills, accomplishments, strengths, education, behavior, etc. Also make sure that you have had good experiences with them in the past so that they can put in good words for you whether it be an employer, colleague or teacher.
  • Remember to keep an extra copy of your resume, a notebook and a pen.
  • Your appearance must reflect good taste and confidence, so dress in an appropriate manner.
  • Make sure you know the interview location well, so that you can arrive on time.

During the Interview Tips

  • Stay relaxed and don’t let the stress take over. Consider you are there for a casual conversation and not an interrogatory session.
  • Be energetic. Employers like energetic people. Be honest and confident while answering questions.
  • Listen very carefully to the questions and give a concise and well thought response
  • Do some research before the interview and show it by conveying information about the organization and the position
  • Ask appropriate and relevant questions related to the organization, department and your role.
  • Provide a list of suitable references and a letter of recommendation is asked by the employer.
  • End the interview session with a firm handshake and thank the panel for taking out time to take your interview.

Post Interview Tips

  • It is advisable to send a thank you note to the interviewers within two days of the interview. Mention how great it was for you to meet such established corporate names and your contact information.
  • If you are not selected for the job, it is wise to ask the employer your areas of improvement which can help you perform better in future interviews and mention your contact information.

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