Internship Placement Support



Internship Placement

The Career Centre of Central Field University helps its students in finding and securing relevant and useful internships through their connections with employers and employments agencies. The basic objective is to help them build career centric skills to success in the future.

    The Career Centre assists students in the following areas:
  • Place a student for internship in a highly reputed organization.
  • Ensure the development of important skills throughout the internship process.
  • Help students create a strong network in their industry.
  • Preparation for future job placement in a leading organization.

Essentials of Internship

CFU provides the students to apply their academic learning and concepts in the real world by helping them earn an internship in organizations that are best for learning and growth. While the students are still completing their qualification, they get a chance to test their skills and learning in a professional and practical environment. This can help them get first-hand experience of working in an organization which will help them when they go for a job in future.

Internship Benefits

    The benefits of doing an internship are many. Some of them are:
  • Improves the CV
  • Helps in building professional connections.
  • Develop a better understanding and grasp of the field.
  • Awareness of professional disciplines and organizational functions.
  • Developing adaptability skills
  • Improving skills such as communication, time management, customer interactions etc.

Top Employers

Some of the world’s leading organizations accept Central Field University students as they are known to possess skills and knowledge prized by these organizations.

Scholarships Available

With Grants Up To 80% of Tuition Fee