Job Placement Services



Job Placement Services

The job placement services at Central Field University are designed to help students and professionals from all fields to find a perfect job and avail the best opportunities for a prosperous future ahead.

Central Field University’s career center brings the best job opportunities for its graduates to help them on their way to a prosperous future. The career center also provides placement and counseling services and holds activities such as recruitment drives, workshops and seminars to create awareness about job hunting and to improve the required skill of the students.

The basic objective of Central Field University career center is to assist both i.e. the students in getting a perfect job and the employers, to find and employ the best available personnel for their organization.

CFU Career Center

Since its inception, Central Field University has developed and provided placement services to act as a bridge between the employers & graduates. The career center ensures that the graduates get the best job as per their skillsets. Our education standards are high and hence ensures the employers that they will get the best available talent for their organizations. The career center will support you in getting a perfect job for you irrespective of the degree program you are graduated from.

Online Job Board

The Job Board is regularly updated and lists latest employment opportunities to assist our aspiring students in finding vacancies and relevant jobs for themselves. Abundant number vacancies are listed on the database on regular basis regularly from government and private organizations. The job board is created in a way that it allows students to browse jobs by type of practice, type of employer or the region of employment.

Top Employers

Some of the world’s top organizations prefer Central Field University students as they possess the skills and knowledge valued by these organizations.

Scholarships Available

With Grants Up To 80% of Tuition Fee