Resume Writing



Resume Writing

The resume is the first point of impact as it is the first thing that an employer notices about you, further progress is highly dependent on how impressive your resume is. A well created resume can land you up with a job whereas a poorly created resume can create a negative impact and can lead to missing out a good opportunity. You must ensure that your resume stands out from others in a positive manner so that the employer can get interested in calling you for an interview

So, make sure that your resume is a good reflection of what you can do for your employer and how can you go about it. It summarizes your skills and experience in a way that can actually sell you, and helps you land for an interview.

  • Must be short, crisp and clear
  • Should reflect potential and abilities and highlight your USP
  • Targeted, formal and faultless

Your Resume is Your Best Tool

Closely analyze where you are applying and the purpose, then start preparing your resume. Don't makes the same resume for all openings you are interested in. Tailor your resume as per the needs of your employer, industry profile and job specifications. Pinpoint what they are looking for and frame your resume around that specific skill or quality. Speak to people whom you consider to be of strong caliber and ask for help and advice (not a job), you'll be surprised how helpful this step can be. Ask them to review your resume, don’t argue with them and show that you have taken their advice well. Learn to communicate effectively. Your articulacy and ability to define and support your situation (that you have faced or might confront in the future) will help you differentiate yourself from other candidates for any particular position.

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