CFU Announces Reduced Tuition Fees for Students from
Its Collaborative Corporate Partners




CFU Announces Reduced Tuition Fees for Students from Its Collaborative Corporate Partners

We are pleased to announce that we are awarding a considerable subsidy in the tuition fees of those students who have arrived and enrolled as a result of CFU global corporate partnerships.

Every year hundreds of students are registered and enrolled in different programs through our corporate partners from all over the world and the numbers are still rising. Keeping this in mind, we have decided to encourage our corporate partners to introduce more dynamic and diversified set of applicants to Central Field University. Offer reduced tuition fees is just one of the value-added benefits that students avail at CFU.

Central Field University ranks among the few internationally recognized online universities that offer an extensive range of study disciplines and majors to choose from. Since we are an online university, we have the honor to provide our students with the most flexible and convenient platform where they can study and learn absolutely at the comfort of their own pace and place.

We have observed receiving diversified talent and passionate students through our corporate partners which have made it imperative for us to reduce our tuition fees and welcome more willingly students to CFU through this program.

Students who have applied through our corporate partner programs will be automatically notified with the changed and will be reached out by one of the university representatives to provide a comprehensive set of details and explanation. Interested candidates can also reach out to the university administration to find more information and an insight of how this program works and confirm if their current employer falls under the list of Central Field University Global Corporate Partners.

Central Field University follows unanimous systems and procedures due to which applicants are able to confidently choose their desired field of study and successfully graduate within the estimated completion duration.

Scholarships Available

With Grants Up To 80% of Tuition Fee