Central Field University Announces
Annual Mentorship Awards 2018




Central Field University Announces Annual Mentorship Awards 2018

We are pleased to announce that the Central Field University Annual Mentorship Awards 2018 will be held in December 2018.

It is a pleasure for us to recognize and reward our highly skilled and acclaimed professors who work hard and make it possible for us to develop market-leading graduates every year. It is just because of their untiring efforts and dedication that Central Field University is capable of providing an exceptional online education experience to its students.

Students are also encouraged to provide their valued feedback and recommendation by making use of the faculty feedback form before the deadline ends. It will help the university management to get a pinpointed insight of a minute but important segment while they critically assess and examine the faculty performance throughout the year.

Central Field University continues to practice this awards ceremony every year which solely reflects our focus and dedication towards maintaining the best team of faculty members. It includes internees, assistant instructors, instructors, assistant professors, professors, academic counselors, career counselors, librarian and all other faculty members that altogether build up a huge portion of Central Field University.

All of the students are highly encouraged to attend this exclusive awards ceremony and see their favorite professors getting recognized, rewarded and promoted for their invested efforts and time at Central Field University. The ceremony will also help students know more about the faculty, how it is formed, and how it works.

It is really fortunate for us that some of our faculty members are from the Alumni. Get to know who they are how they managed to achieve this respectful position. It will keep you highly motivated and dedicated if you also want to become part of the Central Field University.

Reach out to the university administration to submit faculty feedback forms and register for the event.

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