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Credit Transfer

Central Field University aims to facilitate the learning process of our youth to achieve excellence on social, educational and professional levels. At CFU, we create one of the easiest and most successful pathways towards a University Degree. Credit Transfer is the formal way to minimize the time students require to complete their degree program. Central Field University has many credit transfer agreements with other educational institutes and universities that give graduates credit for successfully completed comparable studies. It considerably shortens the time it takes to complete the university program and ease the load of the student as well.

The students can easily apply for credit transfer facility at the relevant university in accordance with their processes and proven records and evidence such as your transcript. After a thorough scrutiny of the documents and records, student’s credit hours will be successfully transferred and you do not have to study those courses again and save your time and money.

Types of Credit Transfers

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At Central Field University, we value the accomplishments of our students and their work skills, their life experiences and their volunteer services. CFU is committed to helping their students to translate all their skills into credits toward their degree.

Credit for Previous College Coursework

Central Field University truly values its candidates previously earned work skills, expertise, knowledge and above all their previous college coursework. And for that, we have made our admissions policy more flexible by allowing them to transfer all their previously earned credits.


Candidates are also encouraged to convert their previously earned work experiences into valid credit hours. Central Field University is one of the few dynamic online universities that allow their students to engage everything that’s capable of adding value to their academic excellence.

Credit For Certifications and Training

If you are a professional certification holder or trainer, you may apply for credit transfer. At Central Field University, we also award credits for corporate training programs and professional certifications. For more details talk to your academic advisor.

Credit for Work/Life Experience

This program gives you the eligibility to translate your work experience in terms of academic credits. Through this program, you will receive academic documentation for the work experience you possess. There are two ways to achieve this, which are outlined below:

Classroom Management

Central Field University offers exams which test the student's knowledge and grasp of the subject. Through these exams, students can prove their command over the subject and upon successful completion they become eligible for a credit in that particular course.

Student Assessment

Another way to earn credit in a particular subject is to submit a detailed portfolio that demonstrates your understanding of the subject. The faculty of the concerned School of the University will evaluate the project and grant a grade accordingly.

Credit for Previous College Coursework

Central Field University accepts transfer credit from institutions that are:

  • Recognized by an agency that is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education
  • Earned through a University-approved corporate training course
Career Counseling at Central Field University

Central Field University accepts credits from international educational accredited institutions in the United States. This allows students to receive credit for their prior effort and encourages them to continue further studies.

National Testing Exams at Central Field University

By achieving high scores in standardized tests like AP, CLEP, and DSST, you will have a better chance at getting accepted to Central Field University.

Credit Transfers for Previous Qualification

Fill out the Application Form and indicate all other institutions that you have previously attended. After analysis and evaluation from Credit Transfer Evaluation Services Department, you will receive your results via email and on your CFU account.

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