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How to Apply

To achieve an accredited online degree from Central Field University is much easier due to its least cost as compared to other universities. We help students to achieve their dreams and their desired career goals. We not only offer professional education at a very competitive tuition fee structure but will also provide assistance in scoring a profound scholarship to further ease the attainment of your career goals.

At Central Field University it is our mission to provide highly affordable education through state-of-the-art means. We aim at altering the lives of our students and contributing to the process of education in society as a whole, creating knowledge and, more importantly, seeking distinction. We share the belief that students’ social and educational enhancement emerges when they apply their knowledge. We are committed to delivering the best education experience by expanding the imagination of the students, cultivating lifelong learning, and promoting respect for diversity. Our fee structure is designed in such a way that you can study without any financial burden. In order to further facilitate our students in this direction, we have devised certain financing methods that allow individuals to study without the hassle of worrying about their tuition fee.

With the help of our scholarship program, credit transfer policy, fee payment options and employer tuition reimbursement programs you can get a substantial reduction in your fees. By utilizing these options, you can reduce your total fees up to a great deal.

2018-2019 Scholarships Open

Central Field university offers scholarshp facility for deserving students