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Performing Arts is a performance presented to an audience within a fine art context, traditionally interdisciplinary. Performance may be either scripted or unscripted, random or carefully orchestrated; spontaneous or otherwise carefully planned with or without audience participation. Everyone can connect with art – it is just a matter of finding what appeals to your experience. Giving yourself the chance to appreciate the intent of an artist and you may discover an affinity for a form of art you never expected.

The School of Performing Arts has well-versed instructors in the field of arts education. Majoring in performing arts involves a comprehensive study that integrates the overlapping fields and the quality of good education, excellent plays, musicals, concerts, seminars and recitals that our students receive at Central Field School of Performing Arts is extremely satisfying.

Majors Offered

The majors offered at Central Field University are as follows:

  • Music

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Degree Programs
  • Associate Degree
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Master’s Degree
  • Doctorate Degree
Eligibility Criteria
  • International education
  • High School or equiv.
  • Minimum Bachelor's or equiv.
  • Minimum Master's or equiv.

Career Prospects

Central Field University’s core competency is in making its graduates the first choice for renowned employers all over the world.

Career Counseling

Central Field University offers professional career counseling services to its students. Most of the graduates get benefit from our team of career counselors and make take the best decisions.


Our counselors are dedicated to providing our students with the best possible ways and suggestions that help them in choosing the right track in terms of their higher education.

Free Consultancy

Central Field University counselors provide free consultancy. They are capable of critically matching the student’s competencies and interests with the most suitable field of study.

Employment Opportunities

Central Field University Job Placement Department is committed to providing valuable job opportunities to our students and has been placing our graduates at the best companies for years.

We also offer

Central Field University also offers a flexible Credit Hours Transfer Facility, Student & Alumni Services Apostille & Embassy Legalization services.

What Students are Saying


Central Field University has helped me in learning how to act on my passions and also in addressing societal challenges using investigation and research. CFU has everything you need, and they provide the best resources to prepare you for challanges in the corporate sector.

Brian Hickman

MS in Business Administration