Find a Better Solution for Your Financial
Constraints and Move On With Your Studies


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Central Field University Financial Support

Central Field University believes and focuses on making the most out of your efforts and will to study and makes sure to stand by with you whenever you face financial issues. And for that, we offer a very comprehensive financial support plan that enables you to successfully bypass those complex constraints and continue your studies.

This financial support is dedicated to bring you an exclusive financial flexibility. We encourage all of our students to take advantage of this opportunity whenever and wherever they find it difficult to manage their study expense. By becoming eligible, you will be able to choose from the following three diversified and flexible financial support options.

Employer Reimbursement

Whether you are about to start a new career or striving to climb up the corporate ladder, Central Field University is an ideal place to pursue your objectives. Our global pool of corporate partners is a great opportunity to get reimbursement. If you are currently working, consider talking to the human resource department of your company to find out if they are one of our valued partners.

Employer Tuition Assistance

Central Field University also offers Employers Tuition Assistance facility only to those students who qualify and provide the required documents prior to each time they enroll for a semester. Students should be able to meet the standard requirements and must provide Central Field University with the direct bill authorization. If a student’s employment terminates at any time due to any reason, then the student is responsible for paying the balance tuition fee to the university.

Get in touch with one of our representatives to find more information regarding employer reimbursement.

Easy Installments

It is highly probable that you might run out of our finances and look for an instant and flexible solution to pay your tuition fee. Yes that exactly the moment where you can apply and make use of our easy installments plan. You will be able to pay your pending dues in easy and flexible installments as per the stated plan.

CFU’s Graduation Fund

Those students who are unable to carry on their studies while efficiently managing their study expense can get benefit from the Central Field University Graduation Fund. This fund is dedicated to all of the deserving students to help them easily manage their tuition fee and focus on their studies and complete their respective programs.

Employer Reimbursement

Central Field University has partnered with countless leading employers from all over the world who fully reimburse tuition fee to their employees. You can make the most out of this value-addition and get refunded for all your untiring and tremendous efforts that you make to successfully complete your studies.